Created by Dr Malik Al Mubarak in 2000, the Al Mubarak Holdings (AMH) is an important United Arab Emirates family owned business group. AMH specialises in high-end retail, high quality construction. The Group is very proud of its family heritage and of its contribution to the growth of the country.

The Group set-up the first company to design and make fashion Abayas in the UAE, combining innovation with tradition which, revolutionised the local market. This willingness to lead rather than follow is a defining quality present in all the companies. Success in retail was carried through into the construction sector, and further business opportunities are continually assessed. The companies in the group include:


  • First Choice
  • Allylak
  • Mak Jo
  • Chateau des Enfants


  • Art Stone Construction
  • Art Stone Real Estate

Dr. Al Mubarak


In 2000 Dr Malik Al Mubarak established Al Mubarak Holdings based on a personal philosophy of bringing high quality service at affordable prices to a range of business areas, including luxury brands. His business concept was evolved after 12 months detailed research and assessment which identified some important gaps in the UAE retail market. This led to the development of a range of bespoke Abayas’ designed and manufactured in the UAE which showcase the national dress of the county to GCC and international markets.

His extensive experience of commercial activity in Europe means he understands the need to offer innovation and leadership alongside reliability and service. His personal goal is to ensure that these attributes are always present in the AMH brands.

Dr Al Mubarak started his career in the military before retiring from the Emirati forces and setting up his private business group. The first company to be developed as part of the AMH Group was First Choice. The group has always been very strong in the retail sector but with the development of Art Stone has forged a well respected position in Real Estate and Construction. Future business areas are currently being evaluated, which are aligned to the international expansion and development of the UAE.

Dr Al Mubarak studied at Glasgow University in the UK and holds a doctorate in Strategic Studies and Philosophy